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Bill Who? Bill What? Huh?

When I was a little girl, my parents took my sister and I away every summer for a week-long vacation. For a number of years, we visited a lovely beachfront resort called “Bill Hahn’s.” (Bill Hahn’s no longer exists. It was sold more than 20 years ago after he passed away; it was demolished and a new resort was built in its place. It is now called “The Water’s Edge.” I have not visited the new resort.) As we reluctantly headed home at the end of our vacation, my dad would turn to us and, relishing in a fabulous week, say, “So that was Bill Hahn’s.”

It was on those vacations that my love of travel, food, and family fun was born and nurtured. This blog is about all those things: the quest for good food (sometimes more successful than others), our travels (and desired travels), and family bonding (and day-to-day adventures).

I hope you’ll join us!



  1. My grandfather entertained at Bill Hahn’s, and brought his family (including my Dad, and later my Mom as well) to Bill Hahn’s every year.

    If I may ask…how old are you? Perhaps you knew them….

    Comment by Jonathan | August 2, 2009 | Reply

    • I was young when my family and I visited Bill Hahn’s. I think we first went when I was about seven years old ( probably 1977), and we went for a few years. We met some very nice people when we stayed there, as my parents chatted with everyone and tried to include my sister and me as much as possible.

      I’m afraid I only have distinct memories of three people other than Mr. Hahn — one was an older gentleman (and his wife) who sat near us in the dining room. He always reminded my parents that, although my sister and I were “full” and couldn’t finish our vegetables, there was always an extra drawer for dessert. I also remember a woman about my mom’s age who could “clap” bees and kill them, and her daughter, who was about my age.

      Feel free to post any pictures you may have! I’d love to see them!

      Comment by sothatwasbillhahns | August 13, 2009 | Reply

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