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Munchkin 1 – our firstborn – is a cute girl. She’s 4 ½  going on 14 ½. When she was a baby, food was NOT her thing. She loved her bottles, but chewing and gumming was beneath her station. Couldn’t be bothered. The princess has spoken. I remember when she was about 9 months old we went out for pizza. She tossed the crust we gave her to gnaw and munch on the plate. Go figure.

Fast forward, and we have a real foodie on our hands. She dips her chicken nuggets in “that green dip” aka pesto, orders shrimp scampi, turns her nose at American cheese but adores gorgonzola, and happily feasts wherever we take her. And we’ve taken her on cruises, to 5-star restaurants, diners, dives–you name it.

One day she turns to me and asks, “Can we go to that place where there are no menus?” Hmmmm…

“No menus?” I inquire.

“Yes. Where they just walk around with stuff. And have the boba dinks,” Munchkin 1 explains.

“OoooooooOOOooh. Dim Sum?”

 “YES!” she exclaims.

And “yes!” I think to myself. I’ve got her on my side. 🙂


Earlier this this weekend, DH makes mention that “we have a dim sum trip in our future.” “Don’t tease me,” I reply.  Fortunately, he doesn’t. 🙂

In the land that is South Orange County, California, the restaurants can be pretty cookie-cutter, corporate and clean. As a result, the food is usually predictable, which sometimes can be a good thing. But when you want down and dirty or different and authentic, you make the trek.

We’re no strangers to trekking for good food. We’ve driven 40 minutes for good pizza. Heck, we flew across country to get some foodie fixes.  So we’ll happily spend 40 minutes in the SUV for dim sum at Seafood Paradise No. 2

OK, here’s what you won’t get there: Ultra cool ambience, super clean carpets and tables, uber-attentive wait staff. Here’s what you will get: Absolutely, freakingly fabulous, yummolicious food.  And an amusing show.

DH and I have a routine. We’re like hunters on the prowl at our table. We each are in charge of one half of the restaurant. Eyes peeled open, we look for our treasures: BBQ pork buns. Coffee and boba drinks. Chinese broccoli. Pork dumplings. Shrimp dumplings. Fried tofu. Duck. Mmmmmmmmm. …  If it isn’t too busy, if we get there early enough, you can stare ’em down, motion, and will those carts to come hither.

But when it is very busy, making eye contact isn’t enough. You need a seek and destroy mission. Capture the flag, er, the dumpling. One parent hangs at the table with one or both Munchkins. The other heads out hunting and gathering. This isn’t just a meal, it’s an adventure!  

And then, later that night, you get to creep into the fridge, open a little white box, and sample a little lovely leftover.


On our first trek to dim sum, DH was a bit hesitant. A bit shell-shocked. An innocent boy in a foreign land. Strange women with carts yelling some sort broken english, shoving strange small tins in his face. It was overwhelming. I smiled. I reassured. I thought my dream of finding and enjoying awesome Chinese food in the OC was over.

A couple of months later, the PTSD had settled and all he had left were the memories of the food. He decided it was a small price to pay.

Yes! I got me my dim sum place!

Munchkin 1 had the goods delivered in utero. And when she finally was ready to consume food, she was hooked. Oh Yeah, dim sum, she is mine!

Now, Munchkin 2 has fallen in love with BBQ pork buns and sesame balls. Gotcha! … Mamma is sure to keep getting her fix.

Shrimp or Pork? You bet! Bring them both on.







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